NEW remote control

We have just released the new PREMIUM remote control, compatible with our EvoDrive and e-motion sliding door operators.  With a better and more ergonomic design than the previous model, this remote commands the door by pressing any of the 4 buttons, to select the desired operating mode.

NUEVO! Pulsador de apertura inalámbrico

Ojalá algún día los operadores para puertas automáticas puedan funcionar sin cables.

La guía automática EvoDrive para puertas de interior ha sido una auténtica revolución en ese sentido,  gracias a que los motores se mueven sin cables, recibiendo los 24v de alimentación a través de los carriles de rodadura

Good vibes at FIPA2017, Valencia

The 1st edition of the Automatic Door International Fair (FIPA), organized by Spain’s Association of Automatic Doors (APA) and the European Door and Shutter Federation (EDSF) took place in the city of Valencia, Spain, from the 8th till the 10th of February of 2017.