MOTION4 has recently released a new push button, which pretends to ease installation and to reduce installation times.

The new push-button, recently introduced in BAU and FIPA exhibitions is totally wireless, and communicates with the operator by means of Radio Frequency technology, to activate the door.

It is so thin and elegant looking, that it can be easily fixed to the same glass door leaf with double side tape, or to the wall with screws.  When the push button is pressed, the door will open and close automatically. One receiver (inside the operator) can be linked with multiple push buttons, so the door can be activated from the door itself, or from a remote place, like a table desk for example.

The battery incorporated inside the push button has a lifetime of 3 years, and can be easily replaced by simply pulling the front side of the button. 

This will definitely help installers of automatic doors, and also the glass and aluminium fabricators, to reduce installation times and to avoid making holes on the walls, to make installation faster than ever.


See some photos of the new device here:


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