EvoDrive at the Hotel Silken Puerta America in Madrid, Spain

MOTION4 offers accessibility solutions for hotels, offices, private homes, etc. Here you have a video of the EvoDrive super slim automatic door operator (only 6 cm high) with magnetic linear motor technology, at the Silken Puerta America hotel in Madrid, Spain.

EvoDrive bi part automatic door

EvoDrive automatic door operator used on a double leaf sliding door

EvoDrive automatic door for use in public washrooms

Special version of EvoDrive automatic door for WC rooms in shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other public places. A set of push buttons allow the user open, close and lock the door when the toilet is in use, while a set of led indicators inform others if the toilet is free (led is green) or occupied (led is red). A key switch located next to the outside push button will override the automatic lock to allow opening the door in case of emergency. All this integrated in our EvoDrive automatic door operator with magnetic linear motor technology

EvoDrive automatic door for PMR bathrooms

The EvoDrive automatic sliding door is the ideal solution to provide accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) in public buildings like shopping malls, offices, museums, etc, and for the renovation of private homes adapted to this public. Sliding doors save a lot of space compared with swing doors, and the EvoDrive is probably the fastest and most discreet looking operator thanks to its reduced dimensions (only 60 mm high x 65 mm deep). Read more about this new feature HERE

Installation of EvoDrive automatic doors at the Coca Cola HQ in Madrid

MOTION4 has recently equipped the new Coca Cola Headquarters office in Madrid (Spain), with an EvoDrive automatic door in each access to the toilet areas in all floors.  To increase the convenience of the users working in this new and modern building, and to reduce noise levels coming from the toilet rooms, the architects decided to separate both areas with an automatic door. Read the full news HERE

How to install an E-motion automatic sliding door track into an ECLISSE pocket door system.

MOTION4 has developed and produces under exclusivity for ECLISSE, the e-motion automatic sliding door track  for the pocket door systems of this Italian manufacturer.  An automatic door operator, very easy to install, as shown in this video.  The e-motion is compatible with the pocket door systems models UNICO, UNILATERAL, LUCE and EWOLUTO from ECLISSE.  Video courtesy of the Youtube channel of Eclisse France.