“Linear Motor Applications, S.L.” is a Spanish company based in Barcelona, established in 2008.

Oriol Guilera, with more than 20 years of experience in the automatic door business creates LMA with the vision to develop the first automatic sliding door with the revolutionary technology of “magnetic linear motors”

The object of the company is not only to produce linear motors for the automatic door industry, but also to apply this technology and its advantages in other products such as curtains, windows, contract furniture and other industries.



The MINI60 operator, with only 60 mm high, is the first automatic sliding door operator equipped with linear motor technology released by LMA, as a result of 2 years of R+D.

The MINI60 sets an authentic milestone for LMA, and also for the automatic door industry.


Eclisse e-motion view2We introduce two new products in the market: LINEA and E-MOTION.

The LINEA is a new operator for the automation of sliding doors designed to be fixed front mounted to a wall.

While the E-MOTION is the result of a collaboration with the ECLISSE, the Italian manufacturer market leader of pocket door systems.  This product incorporates an exclusive design on the top side of the header frame (patented by ECLISSE) which allow the integration of this automatic linear track into their pocket door systems. An existing pocket door can be easily upgraded to automatic by simply removing the manual track and inserting the E-MOTION (See video here).

2015 (January)


After the success of the LINEA and E-MOTION we wondered how could we improve the operator to make it even better.

The result is the EvoDrive automatic sliding door track, released in January of 2015, which incorporates several new features oriented to help and ease installation:

  • Ultra compact design, measuring only 60 mm high x 65 mm deep.
  • New hinged cover to allow quick access to the internal parts of the automatic track, for easier installation and maintenance tasks.
  • No electrical cables inside the operator: The 24v are conducted from the main board to the motor by means of the track rails
  • No communication cables: information between the main board and the motor driver is transmitted via Bluetooth
  • Easy cut to size: with the magnets on the header frame and the motor sliding with the door leaf, the operator length is now easy to cut to the desired size
  • New versions of leaf adaptors: full glass, Twins, timber…

2015 (June)



 Our commercial name MOTION4 is presented. With the strong belief that in the near future the automation of doors, windows and other similar applications would be based in the innovative linear motor technology, we have created five different brands for specific segments: Doors, Windows, Curtains, Industrial and Contract.

A new fresh and modern looking name and corporate image, willing to reflect the spirit of our company. Now “Linear Motor Applications, S.L.” is only used as our legal name.



premium_estrechoAt FIPA2017 exhibition in Valencia, Spain, we introduce the first working prototype of the new PREMIUM operator (still a project name), a new automatic sliding door track measuring only 50 mm high, 10 mm smaller than the EvoDrive. Also incorporates wireless connectivity with other devices, including Smartphones, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This operator is set to be launched on the 4Q of 2017. Will keep you informed…


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