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Automatic Door Track for ECLISSE pocket door systems

  • Magnetic linear motor technology

  • Compatible with most of the ECLISSE CLASSIC range pocket door systems

  • Clear opening width from 700 to 1300 mm

  • Leaf weight up to 80 Kg

  • Silent operation <50 dB

The e-motion is an automatic door track for pocket sliding doors, developed and manufactured by MOTION4 exclusively for ECLISSE, Italy’s leading manufacturer of counterframes for pocket door systems.

Technology and Silence in motion

Thanks to the unique magnetic linear motor technology developed by MOTION4, the e-motion combines smooth and silent operation with an an elegant movement, making it the ideal solution for the automation of sliding doors inside private homes, retail stores, hotel rooms, care homes, restaurants, etc.

Linear Motor

The door can be activated by means of a push button, sensor or simply by pulling a handle attached to the sliding leaf, using the “push & go” function.

Refine Accessibility to a Higher Standard

Full Integration with Eclisse Pocket Door Systems

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Technical Features

e-motion Automatic Pocket Door Track

Main Technical Features

Aluminium Housing: 58 x 52 mm
Min. Clear Width: 750 mm (1420 mm track)
Max. Clear Width: 1300 mm (2620 mm track)
Leaf Weight: up to 80 Kg
Adjustable Opening Speed: 200 to 700 mm/s
Adjustable Acceleration and Braking Curves: 200 to 800 mm/s2
Low Operating Noise: ˂50 dB
Power Supply: 230V AC 50-60 Hz (110V under request)
Power Consumption:
– In operation: 80 W
– Peaks (0,5 sec): 150 W
– Stand-by: 15 W

Motor Specifications

Electric three phase AC motor type LSMPM (Linear Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets)
Tension: 24 VDC
Peak current: 6 A
Operating current: 3 A
Magnetic position encoder with Hall cells

Electronic Specifications

Microprocessor controlled (DSP)
4 operating modes:
– Automatic
– Open
– Closed or Closed & Locked (with optional automatic lock)
– Exit Only / Access Control
– Push & go
– Cleaning mode
Adjustable parameters:
– “Low energy” or normal mode
– Opening speed
– Closing force
– Hold-open time
– Reopening sensitivity
Conform to European norms and directives in force:
– Directive 2006/42/EC: “Machinery Directive”
Directive 2014/30/EU: “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)”
Directive 2014/35/EU: “Low Voltage Directive (LVD)”
– EN 16005:2013/AC:2015: “Power operated pedestrian doorsets”

Activation and Safety Devices

Activation and/or Safety Sensor

When the sensor detects presence or movement, the door activates. It can also be used as a safety device

Automatic Lock

Blocks the door when the leaf is in closed position and the operating mode is in Closed or Exit Only mode

Touch-less sensor

The door opens and closes by simply approaching your hand or elbow to the device

Wireless Push-button

Press to automatically open and close the door, after an adjustable hold-open time

Remote Control

Four operating modes: Automatic, Open, Closed, Exit Only.  Receiver incorporated in the main control board.  Pocked size transmitter – 12V DC battery

Push & Go

Push the door handle to automatically open and close the door, after an adjustable hold-open time

Options and Compatibility



Solid Wall

Door Leaves

Timber Leaf

30 to 40 mm door thickness

Glass Leaf

8 or 12 mm laminated or tempered glass

Compatible with the following models, from the ECLISSE CLASSIC range


Basic model. The ideal solution in almost any situation


Prepared for attaching electrical boxes, lighting fixtures, sockets...


Two opposing leaves sharing the same counterframe


Designed to place furniture, hangers and shelves on the same wall where the counterframe is housed

This is how easy it is to fit an e-motion automatic door track into an ECLISSE pocket door system

The e-motion door track is completely invisible from the outside and is supplied fully assembled and ready for installation. Just connect the motor to the power supply and turn ON the switch

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e-motion Data Sheet

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