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Automatic Sliding Door For Interiors

  • With magnetic linear motor technology

  • Ultra slim door track:  60 mm high x 70 mm deep

  • Clear width up to 1400 mm (single) | 2800 mm (double)

  • Door leaf up to 80 Kg

  • Single slide or bi-part opening

  • Smooth and silent movement

Aesthetic Design

Housed compactly in a sleek aluminium casing that measures only 60 mm x 70 mm in cross-sectional area, the reduced dimensions of the EvoDrive+ takes up a fraction of any other traditional automatic door operator. Its elegant unobtrusive design also allows users to enjoy the safety and convenience of having an automatic entrance without compromising on aesthetics

Silence in Motion

Powered by magnetic fields rather than mechanical action, the friction is dramatically reduced, which results in a smooth and silent movement. This makes the EvoDrive+ the ideal automatic door for use in private residences, hotels, care homes and other internal applications where a silent environment is required

Enhanced Safety

The EvoDrive+ is highly sensitive to resistance and obstacles. It can be connected to a wide variety of safety sensors and activation devices, or even set the door in low energy mode. The operator complies with all regulations in force, including European Standard EN16005 “Power operated pedestrian doorsets”.

Low Maintenance Cost

The absence of belts, pulleys, reduction gears and other mechanical elements commonly used in traditional automatic doors, reduces the need for frequent maintenance and replacement parts. The EvoDrive+ is easy to install and commission, and will operate for its entire life at a very reduced maintenance cost.

Highly Versatile

The EvoDrive+ is so small and compact that it pairs stylishly with a variety of materials, ranging from glass to aluminium or timber, integrating perfectly in any kind of environment. A piece of architecture for creative minds.

Performance of an Automatic Door, Small as a Manual Door Track

The Technology

A magnetic linear motor consists of an electrically powered motor that instead of rotating, it produces a linear force using magnetic fields to create thrust and movement. The moving leaf slides thanks to a motor fixed to its upper part, which moves sideways along the operator by attraction and repulsion of the magnets attached along the header frame
Thanks to this technology, we avoid the use of reduction gears, pulleys, belts and other mechanical elements commonly used in traditional automatic doors, giving as a result, a very compact and stylish 60 x 70 mm aluminium housing, a quieter and smoother motion and a longer lifespan, combining the compact size of a manual door track, with the performance and convenience of a normal automatic sliding door

Linear Motor

Conventional Motor

Take a Look inside the EvoDrive+

A Door That Floats

Rethink your Design

How about introducing something original and different in your projects? The EvoDrive+ operator is so small and light (ca. 15 Kg), that it can be fixed to a glass panel.

Technical Features

EvoDrive+ Automatic Door Track

Main Technical Features

Compact Aluminium Housing: only 60 x 70 mm
Min. Clear Opening: 750 mm (1550 mm track)
Max. Clear Opening: 1400 mm (2850 mm track)
Leaf weight: up to 80 Kg
Adjustable Opening Speed: 200 – 600 mm/s
Adjustable Acceleration and Braking Curves: 200 – 800 mm/s2
Low Operating Noise: ˂50 dB
Power Supply: 230/110V AC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption::
– In operation: 80 W
– Peaks (0,5 s): 180 W
– Stand-by: 4 W

Motor Specifications

Electric three phase AC motor: Type LSMPM (Linear Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets)
Tension: 24 VDC
Peak current: 7 A
Operating current: 3 A
Motor driver:
– Magnetic position feedback with 3 hall cells
– Motion control by means of a driver with field oriented control (FOC)
– Wireless communication via Bluetooth

Electronic Specifications

Microprocessor controlled (DSP)
Wireless communication
5 operating modes:
– Automatic
– Open
– Closed or Closed & Locked (with optional automatic lock)
– Exit Only / Access Control
– Public toilet mode (optional)
Adjustable parameters:
– Opening direction: right or left
– “Low energy” or normal mode
– Opening speed
– Closing speed
– Hold-open time
– Push & Go
– Push-to-Open / Push-to-Close
– Reduced opening
Conform to European norms and directives in force:
– Directive 2006/42/EC: “Machinery Directive”
– Directive 2014/30/EU: “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)”
– Directive 2014/35/EU: “Low Voltage Directive (LVD)”
– EN 16005:2013/AC:2015: “Power operated pedestrian doorsets”

Activation and Safety Devices

(1) Activation and/or Safety Sensor

When the sensor detects presence or movement, the door activatesm opens and closes. It can also be used as a safety device

(2) Automatic Lock                

Blocks the door when the leaf is in closed position and the operating mode is in Closed or Exit Only mode

(3) Touch-less sensor

The door opens and closes by simply approaching your hand or elbow to the device

(4) Wireless Push-button

Press to automatically open and close the door. Optionally: press once to open, press a second time to close the door

(5) Remote Control              

Four operating modes: Automatic, Open, Closed, Exit Only.  Receiver incorporated in the main control board.  Pocked size transmitter – 12V DC battery

Push & Go | Push to Open, Push to Close

Push the door handle to automatically open and close the door. Optionally, push to open, then push to close

Types of Door Leaves

Click on the image to download the DWG and PDF drawings

Wooden Leaf

Aluminium leaf adaptor for 40 mm timber doors

“Full Glass” leaf

For 10-12 mm glass. Totally transparent, with no visible frames or rails above the leaf, it provides a very elegant look. Needs laminated and tempered glass, with special machining

“TWINS” glass leaf

For 10-12 mm glass. Composed of two elegant stainless steel fixtures coming down from the trolleys. Needs laminated and tempered glass, and machining 4 holes

“SV-EASY” glass leaf

For 8 or 10 mm glass. Composed of two clamps holding the leaf from the top. An aluminium rail on top hides both clamps to provide a more aesthetic and uniform look. Easy to install and to replace glass, if needed. Can be laminated or tempered glass

Glass leaf with top rail

For 8 or 10 mm glass. The top side of the glass is glued to an aluminium rail with a special sylicone. Can be laminated or tempered glass

Aluminium framed leaf

Adaptor for 40 to 45 mm aluminium framed leaves
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EvoDrive+ Brochure

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