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As members of the Smartspace project within the framework of the RIS3CAT Communities , MOTION4 has collaborated with the i2CAT Technology Research Center in the development of a new sensor that, using a combination of visual and laser technologies for the detection of people, and thanks to a complex AI algorithm, it is capable to learn and to predict the intentionality of pedestrians walking near the door, and to only activate and open when the sensor predicts that the user really wants to walk through the door. This contributes to the optimization of the air conditioning system and to generate energy savings, amongst other advantages.
The automatic door operator connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with this advanced sensor, and the latter with a Gateway developed by EURECAT, where a software collects information from the door and other intelligent pieces of home furniture developed by other members of the consortium, for preventive purposes and optimization of the different IoT elements.
In this project led by the CENFIM cluster, and tested in different environments at the prestigious “Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa” in Tarragona, have participated the Technology Centers EURECAT, LEITAT and i2CAT Foundation, as well as the companies Arquetypo, Kave Home and MOTION4.  The Smartspace project had an investment cost of 1.7 million EUR, and has been co-funded by ACCIÓ.
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