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The new Hyderabad International Airport in India has recently been equipped with 28 EvoDrive+ automatic sliding doors at its designated restrooms for people with reduced mobility (PRM). These doors are strategically located throughout the Domestic and International terminals, adjacent to the general restroom areas, providing convenient access for all travelers.

Each bathroom features an EvoDrive+ automatic door operator, specifically designed for this application. This advanced system seamlessly integrates with a unique firmware that enhances the user experience and ensures optimal safety.

On activation of the exterior touchless sensor, the toilet room door opens smoothly and swiftly. A dual microwave and infrared sensor within the restroom safeguards against accidental closure by detecting movement near the doorway. Additionally, if the microwave radar detects movement inside the bathroom, it will automatically activate the lock to block the door leaf after the door reaches its fully closed position.

An LED indicator outside the bathroom clearly indicates the bathroom’s occupancy status to other users: a green light indicates availability, while a red light indicates occupancy. To exit, users simply wave their hand over the interior touchless sensor, activating the sliding door operator. The LED indicator will then turn green, signaling the restroom’s is now available for other users.

In case of an emergency, an interior pull cord triggers an external alarm, alerting the airport’s maintenance and security personnel to the need for assistance. Trained staff are readily available to open the door from outside whenever required.

The EvoDrive+ operator was selected by the airport authorities for its exceptional design, featuring a slim and discrete header frame of just 6×7 cm. Its whisper-quiet operation and smooth, effortless movement further enhance the user experience. Additionally, the EvoDrive+‘s innovative linear motor technology eliminates the need for conventional drive belts, reduction gears, and pulleys typically used in traditional automatic doors, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements and extending the lifespan of the system.

With its commitment to accessibility and passenger comfort, the Hyderabad International Airport has taken another step forward in providing a seamless and inclusive travel experience for all. The EvoDrive+ automatic sliding doors, with their advanced features and unwavering focus on safety, are a testament to this commitment.

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