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The EvoDrive automatic door operator with magnetic linear motor technology, can be equipped with a specific software version and a set of push buttons, for use in public toilets (shopping malls, Hotels, airports, etc).
The activation device is composed of:
  • Outside the WC room: 1 push button with integrated led indicator + 1 override key switch
  • Inside the WC room: 2 push buttons with integrated led indicators.
Operating method:
  • LED indicators on both sides (inside/outside the toilet) are RED when the toilet room is in use and the door is locked
  • LED indicators on both sides are GREEN if the toilet is free and the door is unlocked.
  • When pressing the push button outside the toilet, the door will open to allow the person walk in. Once inside the toilet, the door will then close and the user will press one of the two buttons to lock the door (the automatic lock is activated).  The second push button can be used to reopen the door while still moving and before it gets locked.  When the door is closed and locked, all led indicators inside and outside the toilet will turn RED to indicate that the toilet is in use.
  • To leave the toilet, the user will press any of the two push buttons inside, and the door will automatically open to allow the user walk out, all led indicators will turn to GREEN and the door will then close behind him.
  • An override key switch is installed on the outside of the toilet, next to the push button, to allow unlocking and opening the toilet in case of emergency.
  • The door can only be locked from the inside, when the leaf is in fully closed position, to avoid vandalism.
  • In the event of power failure, the automatic lock will be released, and the door can be opened manually.
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