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As a business and social project of the ONCE Foundation, ILUNION is a leader in hotel management in Spain, always applying criteria of sustainability and social inclusion, as evidenced by the fact that more than 15,000 of its 37,000 workers in its various divisions (Business & Facility Services, Social and Health Care, Consulting, Tourism and Marketing) have some type of disability.
Established in 1988 (and under the brand “ILUNION Hotels” since 2014), the 29 hotels of this chain are an example in universal accessibility and labor inclusion, which have led it to be accredited with the Global Certificate in Universal Accessibility (UNE 1700001) in all its establishments.
Under the concept “design for all”, ILUNION Hotels has taken the initiative in the accessible design of all its rooms, and MOTION4 doors have been chosen to equip some of the rooms in their hotels with automatic doors to facilitate access to the bathrooms for its customers with reduced mobility.
There are already 3 hotels equipped with our technology: Hotel Ilunion Atrium Madrid, Hotel Ilunion San Sebastian and Hotel Ilunion Bilbao, where customers in wheelchairs and with limited mobility can comfortably access the bathroom without obstructions.
In this video, ILUNION shows its new accessible mock-up room, which includes technical and technological solutions to better attend the requirements of people with disabilities (go to min. 2.11):
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In this other video, Miguel tells his experience with a wheelchair in this room (min. 0.52):
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At MOTION4 we are pleased to be the option chosen by ILUNION, and to contribute to people’s wellbeing.
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