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With almost 90 million passengers, more than 240 destinations and 80 airlines operating, Dubai International Airport (DXB) ranked as the third busiest airport in 2017, only behind Beijing Capital airport, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport.
Dubai airport is continuously under construction, either for expansion, or for the refurbishment of the existing terminals.
In 2017, it was the turn of Terminal 2, where some of its spaces were renovated, such as the public restrooms, a very busy place given the flow of people who pass through 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
MOTION4 has had the privilege of supplying more than 30 access doors to the restrooms for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) in Terminal 2.
Our technical department has collaborated with the airport authorities to adapt the firmware of our EvoDrive automatic door operator to the airport’s requirements, providing a robust, reliable and convenient system for travelers, with special consideration to the movement limitations of users with reduced mobility.
The system is composed of several elements:
  1. EvoDrive automatic door track, concealed above the opening. A front cover allows access to the drive unit for easy maintenance.
  2. Indicator lights on the door lintel inform from the outside whether the toilet is free or occupied.
  3. Two sets of push buttons (on the inside and outside) are used to activate and open the door or to close and lock it. The buttons on both sides light up green when the toilet is free or red when it is occupied.
  4. An external key switch allows the door to be opened from the outside in case of emergency by the security or maintenance staff.
  5. An emergency cord located next to the toilet activates and opens the door in case of an emergency inside.
  6. A sensor inside detects the presence of people, so that, if the door is closed and locked by the automatic lock, the door opens in case no movement is detected after a pre-programmed period of time (possible fainting of the user inside).
We are very proud of this achievement, as it represents MOTION4‘s entry into one of the most emblematic airports worldwide.
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