In the last BAU and FIPA exhibitions 2017, MOTION4 introduced the new version of the EvoDrive automatic sliding door operator for double leaf doors, a good solution to create large openings in interiors of offices, private homes, hotels, hospitals, etc.




The double leaf automatic door is equipped with 2 EvoDrive tracks which are fully synchronized electronically.  Unlike other existing door operators the EvoDrive does not use drive belts, reduction gears, pulleys and other mechanical elements which are commonly used by the traditional door operators. The doors are moved by the exclusive Magnetic Linear Motor technology developed by MOTION4, and the two independent tracks are fully synchronized from the electronic board.  Both leaves will open and close at the same time, and also stop and reverse in event an obstruction blocks one of the two leaves.  If no activation devices are being used, the door can be opened by simply pushing one of the two door leaves, and the opposite one will also open.

All this is done in absolute silence thanks to the absence of the mechanical elements which are used in traditional automatic doors.

In addition, one of the advantages of using the EvoDrive and having 2 independent tracks, is that both sides of the door can be asymmetrical:





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