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We wish someday the automatic door operators could be installed without any wires or cables.
The EvoDrive automatic sliding door operator has set a milestone in this direction, as the motor moves without cables by means of the 24v which are transmitted through the track rail, while the communication with the control panel is totally wireless, with data transmitted via Bluetooth.  Simplicity of installation is one of the main advantages of the EvoDrive sliding door operator.
Now MOTION4 goes one step further. At the BAU exhibition in Munich and FIPA exhibition in Valencia, which took place in January and February of 2017, we have introduced the new wireless activation push button.
This push button is powered by a battery that will last 2 years, and can be replaced easily by simply pulling out the button.  A small led will tilt to inform the end user that the battery needs replacement before it goes flat.
Thanks to this device, which communicates wirelessly with the operator via radio frequency, you can now install the activation devices by simply “sticking” it to the glass door panel, or to the wall (also with screws).
Now you can forget  drilling holes to pass the cable through, and reduce installation timings.  Press the push button and open the door.
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