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The Vastameroli palace, a former 17th century baroque-style villa designed by architect Eduardo Lagarde, has been thoroughly refurbished to become the ABBA boutique hotel, where its 44 rooms combine classic and modern style, respecting its ancient heritage, while bringing it up to date with the latest technologies for the comfort of its guests.
We have recently completed the installation of more than 30 EvoDrive+ doors, to allow access to the bathroom from the room, thus facilitating its use by people with reduced mobility, and increasing the comfort of all users.
The doors can be activated by push button, or through the Push & Go function, where after a gentle push, the door opens automatically, and after another push the door closes. This way people are allowed to pass through safely.
Thanks to its compact size, similar to that of a manual sliding door track, the EvoDrive+ operator is discreetly concealed above the false ceiling.
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