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The EvoDrive operator was first launched back in 2015.  Being the pioneer automatic door using magnetic linear motor technology, after 5 years of successful installations, it was time to incorporate some improvements long awaited by our clients.
Since June 2020, the EvoDrive is now EvoDrive+, with the following key new features:
  1. More powerful: The magnetic linear motor has now 4 poles instead of 3.
  2. Easier to commission: all elements like control unit, auto lock, etc, can be easily programmed, serviced and replaced by simply opening the front cover.  All connections and wiring of the accessories are made on the front side, and the trolleys can now be replaced from the front side too.
  3. Easier to set up: The control panel now has a 2-digit display to show malfunction codes and to easily identify and set the different parameters like opening speed, closing speed, closing force, hold-open time, etc..  It replaces the dip switches from the old version
  4. More robust: The top/bottom track rails are now made of stainless steel instead of aluminium
  5. New activation modes:
    1. Push & Go
    2. Push-to-open and Push-to-close
  6. Wireless functions: the receiver of the wireless push button is now integrated with the receiver of the remote control.  The I/O module communicates with both devices via radiofrequency (RF), and with the motor via Bluetooth.
  7. New public toilet mode: we added an auxiliar module (optional) for toilet mode function.  This module has 3 input terminals: 1 to force the door to close (when people come into the toilet), 1 to switch on a green light indicator (toilet vacant), 1 to switch on a red lightindicator (toilet occupied).
Visit the EvoDrive+ page to learn more
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